About KyPlot 6.0

KyPlot is a Windows application and offers you an integrated environment for data analysis and visualization. In KyPlot you can analyze data with a broad range of computing and statistical methods on a spreadsheet interface, and visualize the results as versatile graphs.

KyPlot has two types of windows: “Spread” and “Figure”. A “Spread” window contains Excel-like spreadsheets, supporting calculation with cell formulae. KyPlot provides a wide range of computing methods such as mathematical optimization, spectral, time-series and wavelet analysis. It also offers a variety of statistical procedures including parametric and nonparametric tests and multivariate analysis. In a “Figure” window, you can create graphs and draw schemes and present them as a slide show.

Although KyPlot has been used world-wide, especially by scientific researchers and engineers, the product versions of KyPlot are already finished selling. Yet, it may still be useful for many people in the present Windows systems. Therefore, we have made KyPlot open to the public as KyPlot Free.

KyPlot Free is as fully functional as the product version and has no time limitations. You can download it and use freely.